Analytical Chemistry Trinidad & 

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Toxic metals, Waste disposal and Safety
in the Chemistry Laboratory.

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Aflatoxin waste.
Decontamination of aflatoxins.
Aflatoxins Toxicity.
Description, Health effects.
Lethal dosage LD50 values.
Toxicity values
TLV Threshold limit values.
Exposure levels without adverse effects
MAC maximum allowable concentrations.
Suspended toxic substances in laboratory atmosphere
PAH's Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Health and toxic effects - coal tar etc...
PCB's Polychlorinated biphenyls.
Health and toxic effects - fluorescent fixtures etc...
Arsenic poisoning.
Description,occurence, exposure and health effects
Lead poisoning.
Toxic effects on children and adults
Mercury poisoning.
Symptoms and health effects
Mercury spills.
Clean up and recovery
Contaminants in drinking water.
Organic, inorganic and micro-organisms
Carcinogens employed in commerce and industry
List of carcinogens.
Known and suspected carcinogens
Safety in the chemistry laboratory.
Guidelines and rules
Laboratory waste management.
Disposal, labeling, handling and segregation
Pesticides used in TT.
Pest control chemicals, class, uses

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