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Instrument Parameters in Analytical Spectroscopy

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Spectra Instrumentation

Spectral region/
Radiation source Monochromator Detector
Vacuum UV Argon dye laser Fluorite Prism Photomultiplier
UV Xenon lamp
Hydrogen lamp
Deuterium lamp
Fused silica
Quartz Prism
Photo diode array (PDA)
Photomultiplier Tube (PMT)
UV - VIS Xenon lamp Fused silica/Quartz Prism Phototube, PDA, PMT
VIS Tungsten lamp Glass Prism
Interference Filters
Phototube, PMT
Silicon diode
IR Nerst Glower
(ZrO2 and Y2O3)
Nichrome wire
NaCl Prism
Grating 10 / 200 lises/mm
Interference filters
Pyroelectric cell (capacitance)
Thermocouple (volts)
Bolometer (ohms)
Far IR Globar (SiC) KBr Prism (TlBr) Golay pneumatic cell

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