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AA instrumentation.
Components and their functions in an AA spectrometer.
AA Graphite Furnace.
Atomic absorption Electrothermal method.
AA Mercury cold vapor.
Atomic absorption by cold vapor and hydride generation.
AA Interference effects in analysis.
Methods used to eliminate them.
AA Types of interferences
Spestral,chemical,ionization and matrix.
Buffer solutions 1 - 13.
Preparation. Acetate, phosphate, boric acid buffers.
Baths. Oil baths and cold media.
Silicone / paraffin oil and dry ice.
Physical constants used in science.
Drying agents.
Properties of solvents. Flash point, SG, BP, drying methods.
Drying and purification of solvents.
Drying with extruded sodium wire. Disposal of spent sodium.
Electromagnetic spectrum.
Applications, bandwidths and frequencies.
Fires and Fire extinguishers.
Classification of fires and fire extinguishers.
Gas chromatography.
GC theory, practice, capillary columns, detectors, and maintainance.
GC Stationary phases.
Similar phases, applications, and equivalents.
GC Troubleshooting.
GC performance. Peak elution, baseline, columns. HPLC column recovery
Cleaning dirty HPLC columns.
HPLC column frit
Changing HPLC column frits.

HPLC Troubleshooting.
Complete guide : leaks, back-presure, solvents.
ISE and pH Electrodes.
Analysis, techniques, methods, maintainence.
Immiscible solvents.
Solvents that do not mix with each other.
Incompatible chemicals.
Storage. Chemicals that react with each other.
Kjeldahl apparatus.
Operation of the kjeldahl microprocessor apparatus.
Metric conversions.
Conversion factors and tables. Linear, mass, volume, flow, energy, power.
On-line metric converter.
Length,distance,weight and temperature.
Ohm's law.
Derived equations.
ph combination electrode.
ph electrodes. Operation and maintainance.
Plastics used to make laboratory apparatus.
Plasticware cleaning.
Cleaning of laboratory plasticware.
Physical constants
Equations, constants.
Sea water.
Composition. Salt and metal contents.
Sieve mesh sizes.
Standard, sieve mesh sizes and conversions.
EM spectrum and chemistry
Instrument parameters in spectroscopy
Visible and complimentary colors
Syringe guage no. sizes.

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