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Delloyd's Lab Technician analytical chemistry resources, reagents and Instrumentation.

Lab-Tech Reference Resource


   Other places on this site : Lab-Tech Toxicity :
   Lead.    Mercury.    Arsenic.
   LD50     TLV     MAC     PAH     PCB

   Aflatoxins waste     Contaminants in drinking water     Carcinogens 
   Drying with sodium wire     Peroxides 

   This site includes :
   ISE buffer filling soln. ISA, TISAB
   Make up 1000 ppm AA std solns.
   Standard sieve mesh sizes

Laboratory Managers : Chem Dept UWI St Augustine Campus Trinidad.
Standing : T Jodhan and two Postgrads.
Sitting : D Persad, D Delloyd, G Abdool.(Technical Staff)
Front : Mr Renaldo (Copycenter Unit).
Missing: F Rogers (Instruments) and R Baksh (Storekeeper).

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