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This site provides info on instrumental methods, ion selective electrodes, and parts per million conversions.
It gives info on the preparation of reagents, laboratory waste management and chemical safety.
It also includes the C30F labscripts and labguides.

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Trinadad and Tobago

ACIDS and BASES Make 1M soln. Conc. acids, bases and ammonia.
AFLATOXINS Disposal of aflatoxin waste.
ATOMIC ABSORPTION Instrumentation.
AA COLD VAPOR Mercury cold vapor and hydride generation technique
AA GRAPHITE Furnace Description.
AA STANDARDS Prepare 1000 ppm standards.
AA INTERFERENCES-1 Effects in analysis of the elements.
AA INTERFERENCES-2 Types of interferences.
BUFFER SOLUTIONS Prepare 4 or 7, and buffers 1 - 13
CARCINOGENS-1 Carcinogens used by industry to generate useful products.
CARCINOGENS-2 A listing of carcinogens.
EDTA Masking agents and metals detected.
EM SPECTRUM Explained. Commercial and wireless applications.
EMR EM spectrum and analytical chemistry.

EMR spectrum and Instrument parameters.
EMR visible and complementary colors.
EXPERIMENTS C3OF labscripts and labguides.
GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY Practical and theoretical. SCOT, WCOT, FSWC columns..
GC CAPILLARY COLUMN Performance and evaluation
GC PHASES Similar, equivalent or substitute stationary phases.
GC DETECTORS Types and description.
HPLC-1 HPLC Troubleshooting.
HPLC-2 Cleaning dirty columns.
HPLC-3 Changing column frits
IMMISCIBLE SOLVENTS Some solvents mix and some do not.
INCOMPATIBLE CHEMICALS Chemicals that react violently on contact.
INDICATORS-1 Prepare pH and metal ion indicators.
INDICATORS-2 EDTA, adsorption, and redox indicators.
ION SELECTIVE ELECTRODES pH and ISE. Addition methods, Filling solution, TISAB and ISA buffers.
KJELDAHL APPARARUS Operation of the Kjeldahl apparatus.
LABORATORY WASTE Waste management. Hazardous solvents and chemicals.
LABORATORY SAFETY Safety management of chemicals and Safety equipment.
LABORATORY FIRES Class designations for fires and fire extinguishers.
METRIC TABLES Metric equivalents and conversions.
MERCURY SPILLS Management, clean-up,and recovery.
OHM'S LAW Derived equations.
PESTICIDES Paraquat. Pesticides in TT.
PHYSICAL CONSTANTS Chemistry and Physics constants.
PPM-PARTS PER MILLION Serial dilutions. Calculation and conversion.
PEROXIDES Tests and disposal methods for peroxide forming compounds.
pH ELECTRODE. Combination electrode. Maintenance and troubleshooting.
PLASTICS-1 Laboratory tubing selection guide.
PLASTICS-2 Plasticware. Plastics and resins used in making lab apparatus.
PLASTICS-3 Cleaning methods for laboratory plasticware.
QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS-1 Prepare reagents for inorganic analysis reactions
QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS-2 Prepare reagents for organic analysis class and group reactions
QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS-3 Schematic group separation of the elements.
SIEVES Std US UK sieve mesh sizes and size conversions.
SODIUM WIRE Drying of diclopentadiene, THF, and ether. Disposal of spent sodium.
SOLVENT DRYING Solvent drying guide. Drying agents. Water removal.
SPRAY REAGENTS Prepare chromatography spray reagents. Spray index.
SYRINGES Gauge number. OD ID Inches and mm.
VOLUMETRIC ANALYSIS Prepare 250ml volumetric standards. Concentrations expressed in Molarity and Normality.
WATER-1 The origin source and health effects of contaminants in drinking water.
WATER-2 Sea water. Chemical composition and percent salinity.

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